Advertising Rates

There is an option to have your bench or shelter created with a changeable "starburst" area to promote sales, upcoming events, workshops or more. (Bench "Starburst" Sample, Shelter "Starburst" Sample) Please contact us to discuss this in more detail. Prices may vary dependant on size and/or number of changes during a contract.

Transit Shelters and/or Transit Benches are competitively priced. We also offer discounts (rate card pricing) on:

  • local and/or national multi-unit campaigns,
  • non-profit campaigns
    * dependant on availability.

For current availability and pricing. Please contact us directly.

Design Fees & Rates

Design Layout, Print & Assembly, for Advertising Signage is available in house for clients. The power of an Advertisement has to be as strong as the placement of it. Our designer has over two decades worth of experience in design & marketing to ensure your every design powerful and pleasing!

Please contact us directly for a pricing. We look forward to hearing from you.