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  • Transit Shelter/Bench Advertising is a VERY powerful way to reach people where they LIVE, WORK and PLAY.
  • It is a media that is part of our everyday environment, and one of the MOST cost-effective advertising options available!

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Isn't outdoor media just billboards?

Many people still think of outdoor media as just billboards.

Well, billboards are definitely a form of outdoor advertising, however the set up cost, and the lack of locations is an ongoing issue.

"Digital" Billboards are starting to slowly replace the Single Ad Traditional Billboards, however they (Digital Billboards) are like online ads, that rotate Ads between however many clients paying to be on it, therefore your Ad is on rotation, and not always "On", but randomly for a set duration of seconds.

With the Transit Advertising units, we can offer over 50 locations throughout the city of Prince Albert, and at much less cost to the client than just your set up fees on a billboard, digital or traditional, and your sign is ALWAYS "ON" and the only ad on the panel, so never a rotation ad that might be missed while someone else's ad is on display!

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