Standard Shelters

Image of Advertising Bench

Daily Traffic Counts for all units
available upon request.

  • Our shelters are made of solid steel and glass structure.
  • There are two advertising panels per shelter.
  • Each signage area on the shelter is almost 6 feet high, by 4 feet wide!
  • The advertising panels are framed and covered by glass to ensure your sign is always protected and tamper proof.
  • Each shelter is back light with 4, 7 foot bulbs, so it shines through your sign at night, ensuring your sign is very visible even when its dark out!

Shelters with Removable Starburst/Area

Image of Advertising Bench

Shelter signs have the option of being created with a removable starburst/area to promote the client's upcoming events / specials / grand openings / sales / new location etc., ensuring the most out of your Advertisement!  There is no limit as to how much or little you use this spot once created, it's there for your benefit to promote things as your business demands it.

It's a very reasonable cost to change out, for short or long term promotion, less than most one day ads elsewhere! This removable starburst / area can be created in any shape or form as you see in these pictures and is a strong marketing tool for your company as it can remain up for as little or long as you choose!