Nikki and David Puetz

We have been in business for almost 26 years, and understand most business owners/managers don't have time to worry about design creation, maintenance of their Visual Advertising Media, etc. Therefore we ensure the satisfaction of providing them with hassle free, professionally designed advertising media, full maintenance of their Ad, and unit it's displayed on. Combined with strong Marketing Skills & Experience to work along side each client for all their Marketing & Advertising needs!

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Nikki Puetz

Senior Marketing Specialist

Nikki Puetz

I have 28 years design and 25 years marketing experience. The ability to combine these together has been very beneficial. I provide my clients with the most effective and cost efficient form of visual advertising (Transit Shelter Advertising or TSAs). Combined with my marketing advisory skills & experience, I am able to design/create and assist with and implement full marketing plans, advertising media etc., ensuring my clients marketing strategies are current, and in sync, all while staying within their budget. As well, I created a changeable area on my TSA designs for clients to utilize when promoting their upcoming events/sales etc., all in a cost effective, very proficient manner. I have owned and operated my own business since 1996 so I understand the rate of return one must see on all their investments, including advertising and marketing. I look forward to continue serving my past & current clients, as well as meeting and assisting new clients with their business ventures!

David Puetz

Chief Financial Officer

Nikki Puetz

I have 29 years experience in both the Sales and Finance fields.  I have owned and operated my own company since 1996 and understand what it takes to make a business successful. As a Financial Officer I have experience in making the numbers crunch, and this form of Advertising works, the prices are reasonable, most of all... the rate of return on your investment with this form of advertising is phenomenal!!